Bonne Vue Barn
Windimuir Barn
Murray and Jean Huston

Our cow herd consists of 90 purebred and 175 commercial Hereford cows. The commercial herd is the proving ground for the genetics used in the purebred herd. Our purebreds aren't pampered, they receive the same treatment as the commercial herd. We sell bulls at the Medicine Hat Bull Sale, the East Central Bull Sale in Veteran and welcome sales here at the ranch. As well, commercial and purebred females (open and bred) are also for sale at the ranch. Steers are fed until late February or March, which provides valuable informations on how our genetics are working. Heifer calves are also kept over, selling the smaller ones in April on the grass market.

Bonne Vue Cows
Bonne Vue Cows circa 1940's
We are proud to be the third generation to raise Registered Horned Herefords. The original herd was started by Georgine's grandfather F. W. Beynon in 1926 (Bonne Vue Herefords) with the purchase of 5 Exmoor heifers from Pym Brothers of Mirror, AB. These heifers were sired by Eaton Perfect (Imp), out of daughters of Alberta Don 2nd. The first sires used were Felix - 56808, bred by E. L. Reynolds, Clive, AB., Gay Bydoe Weil – 54168, bred by S.S. Stauffer, Alsask, Sk., and Broadmoor Fergus - 91894, bred by C. H Habberfield, Esther, AB. These bloodlines were continued by Georgine's parents, Jean and Murray Huston (Windimuir Herefords) of Sibbald. They were fortunate to have 25 cows on shares from Bonne Vue, who all traced back to 2 of those 5 original heifers. These cows formed the nucleus of the Windimuir herd.

We operated as a family farm with Murray & Jean, and Clark & Byrne Huston for many years and during that time we were part of 23 Windimuir Herefords production sales (1979-2003). Many of our present cows can be traced back to the original Bonne Vue cows, including the popular Helma cow family.

Over the years we have been involved in all of the different performance programs, from Record of Performance starting in 1963 to T.H.E. Our cattle are on a complete herd health vaccination program.

Bonne Vue Cows 2
Bonne Vue Cows circa 1940's
Jim and Georgine Westgard
Jim and Georgine Westgard
Georgine Westgard
Georgine Westgard in 1976