Complete Purebred and Commercial Cow Herd Dispersal

Monday - December 4, 2017 - 1:30 p.m.

Balog Auction, Lethbridge, AB
50 Purebred Cows + 150 Commercial Cows
75 Purebred & Commercial Bred Heifers
Purebred Heifer and Bull Calves
Long Yearling Bulls and Herd Bulls

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Call for details - 403-676-2167 or 403-664-9412


Situated in the middle of the short grass prairie in East Central Alberta, Jim and Georgine have been operating Westgard Windimuir Herefords for the past 40 years. We are the third generation to raise Horned Hereford cattle in this area, which includes land that was homesteaded by our family in 1909. We are located north of Hwy 9 at Sibbald - 28448, Range Road 2-0, Special Areas #3 - and are proud to be environmental stewards of a unique part of Alberta.

Our cattle work for us and have to survive in the large pastures and hard grass of our part of the prairies. Raised under ranch conditions, good maternal traits and problem free udders are a must and structural soundness is essential. We strive to produce larger cattle that have extra length and thickness, and a great hair coat – we do live when the wind blows often. We sell cattle by the pound and extra pounds equals extra dollars.


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